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Perpetual Motion

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Presented by foundational media art curator Barbara London, Perpetual Motion explores how the nonstop technological change permeating daily life impacts the lively activity of contemporary artists. In the continuously evolving domain of media art where interdisciplinary crossovers occur within the fields of film, video, music, sound, and performance, innovative use of the latest audiovisual tools is the new normal. Moreover, the moving image is one of the most dynamic art forms, and has become ubiquitous on smartphones, viewed in compressed durations in tandem with shortened attention spans.

The ten moving-image works featured in this exhibition range between two and eleven minutes in length. Drawn from this ever evolving, inventive field of media art, each of the videos engages and also inspires. In this moment of recalibration, new ideas about society and community have come to the fore. The selected works leave the viewer with as many questions as answers, which is what all art should do.

Participating artists include Kamari Carter, Richard Garet, Bang Geul Han, Cornelia Parker, Wong Ping, Zina Saro-Wiwa, Aki Sasamoto, Joey Skaggs, Federico Solmi, and Claudix Vanesix.

Selected Artworks

Zina Saro-Wiwa, Table Manners: Season 1 (2014-2016): Barisuka Eats Ice Fish and Mu, 2016
5m Video Art 2016
Wong Ping, The Screen Shaver, 2014
2m Video Art 2014
Claudix Vanesix, Amy Camus AR, 2021
4m Video Art 2021
Federico Solmi, The Night Watchers, 2020
4m Video Art 2020
Richard Garet, Painting by Numbers: Composition 6, 2019
10m Video Art 2019
Kamari Carter, Ligature/Signature, 2021
2m Video Art 2021
Cornelia Parker, Thatcher's Finger, 2018
3m Video Art 2018
Joey Skaggs, Celebrity Sperm Bank, 2023
11m Video Art 2023
Aki Sasamoto, random memo random, 2016
11m Video Art 2016
Bang Geul Han, Dear Tomas, 2018
10m Video Art 2018

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