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Claudix Vanesix, Amy Camus AR, 2021

4m Video Art 2021

Amy Camus AR is a rebellious, fictional augmented-reality version of Peruvian singer Yma Sumac’s exotic and controversial identity. The many myths surrounding the Peruvian diva tell the story of how a global audience observed Peru, and how this exoticization was based on stereotypes that limit the complexity of Peruvian visual identities.

Amy Camus AR embraces the crisis of the dematerialization of our faces and bodies, as well as our visual searches for national identity. What is drag without makeup? Can augmented reality be the quintessential pandemic cosmetic tool? Maybe chroma key is what allows us to mentally travel to new scenarios.

CLAUDIX VANESIX. Amy Camus AR, 2021. Digital color video, with sound, 4 min., 01 sec. © Claudix Vanesix. Courtesy of the artist.



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