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Bang Geul Han, Dear Tomas, 2018

10m Video Art 2018

Bang Geul Han works across mediums, and presents a kind of disciplined minimalism. She manages to preserve a sense of rawness in each work, which makes it seem to have just come to be. Dear Tomas modifies a short sequence from Ingmar Bergman’s 1963 film Winter Light (Nattvardsgästerna), in which a priest opens and reads a letter from a past lover. The scene is augmented by the separation of voice and subtitles and the inclusion of layered, collaged elements featuring the artist’s own watchful eye. Han pursues the complex interactions between experiences of complicity, vulnerability, revenge, love, and religion.

BANG GEUL HAN. Dear Tomas, 2018. Digital color video, with sound, 9 min., 50 sec. © Bang Geul Han. Courtesy of the artist.


Bang Geul Han

Technical Assistance

Steven Mygind Pedersen


South Korea

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