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Wong Ping, The Screen Shaver, 2014

2m Video Art 2014

Wong Ping’s strange and intimate animation videos explore themes of repressed obsessions and unfulfilled desires; emasculation and submission before sexual and political dominance; lust and slippery morals.

For more than two decades, Wong Ping has been creating highly stylized, absurd, and erotic animation films. Essential to his practice is the combination of a unique, self-taught animation aesthetics that freely use tropical, passionate colors and voluptuous forms, recalling Fernand Léger, Tom Wesselmann, Allen Jones, the Memphis Group, and the rich visual culture of his native Hong Kong. His deadpan, chilling, and restrained yet assertively explicit screenplay writing is deceptively autobiographical, and highly aggressive towards both the artist himself and the viewer. Through his exploration of the dark corners of human nature, he prompts the viewer to question the boundaries of morality and ask why society has constructed these barriers.

WONG PING, The Screen Shaver, 2014. Single-channel animation, sound, color; 1 min, 38 sec. Courtesy of the artist, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York / Los Angeles and Kiang Malingue, Hong Kong.


Wong Ping


Hong Kong

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