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Aki Sasamoto, random memo random, 2016

11m Video Art 2016

Aki Sasamoto’s “performance-slash-installation” work questions the nuances of everyday life, channeling queries about such topics as cravings and laundry to garbage, cleaning, and romance through absurdist scenarios, deadpan humor, and a stream of consciousness logic. Sasamoto’s ideas and questions crystalize through a system of structured improvisation. Her installations – often realized through meticulous arrangements of sculpturally altered objects – provide the tools for scenarios to occur, functioning like a score, with stories unfolding and interconnections forming through the body moving in time and space. Sasamoto’s work employs controlled chaos to transform the everyday into the fantastical, as she invites the viewer to retune their perceptions of the seemingly mundane in everyday life.

AKI SASAMOTO. random memo random, 2016. Single channel video, with sound, 11 min., 12 sec. © Aki Sasamoto. Courtesy of Take Ninagawa, Tokyo.


Aki Sasamoto



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