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Richard Garet, Painting by Numbers: Composition 6, 2019

10m Video Art 2019

Richard Garet is an abstract, nonrepresentational artist whose building blocks are image and sound. Painting by Numbers: Composition 6 translates an audio composition into moving images, offering an exploration of sound through the lens of vision.

Garet’s moving-image works exist in an area between immateriality, physical object, optical phenomena, beauty, and discomfort. Garet began his career in painting, before turning to audio, generally in combination with the visual. Over the years he has pursued high-fidelity reproduction, meaning that in transmission he attempts to reproduce sound with minimal distortion and remain as close as possible to what could be considered the original. For Garet, these experimental creations are an investigation into the nature and the capacities of sight and perception, by which we come to know the conditions of our world.

RICHARD GARET. Painting by Numbers: Composition 6, 2019. Digital color video, no sound, 9 min., 59 sec. © Richard Garet. Courtesy of the artist.


Richard Garet



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