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Kamari Carter, Ligature/Signature, 2021

2m Video Art 2021

This suspenseful video displays a close-up scene of hands grasping a strand of rope and trying to spell a name. The sound is stark—one hears the friction of rope rubbing against skin and the sound of heavy rope dropping onto a surface. As two unidentified hands struggle with the piece of rope, off-screen someone throws more twine, increasing the level of duress.

Carter is an artist working primarily with sound, video, installation, and performance. His practice circumvents materiality and familiarity through a variety of recording and amplification techniques to investigate notions such as space, systems of identity, oppression, control, and surveillance. Driven by the probative nature of perception and the concept of conversation and social science, he seeks to expand narrative structures through sonic stillness.

KAMARI CARTER. Ligature/Signature, 2021. Digital color video, with sound, 1 min., 47 sec. © Kamari Carter. Courtesy of the artist and Microscope Gallery, New York.


Kamari Carter


United States

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