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Third Horizon Presents

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Third Horizon Presents is a celebration of formally radical and politically aware cinema from the Caribbean and its ever-expanding Diaspora, screening on PAMMTV.

Premiering April 15, the five works featured in Third Horizon Presents embrace the layered complexity of Caribbean identity. These films seek to transcend stereotypical, reductive, and potentially harmful ways of seeing the Caribbean while understanding that representation is a means to an end and not merely an end in itself.

Participating artists include Annabelle Aventurin (Guadeloupe/France), Lisa Danker Kritzer (United States), Maxime Jean-Baptiste, (French Guiana/France), Vashni Korin (United States), and Esery Mondesir (Canada/Haiti).

Third Horizon Presents will be on view through August 15, 2024.

Selected Artworks

Vashni Korin, You Can’t Stop Spirit, 2021
16m Documentary 2021
Esery Mondesir, What Happens to a Dream Deferred, 2020
25m Documentary 2020
Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Moune Ô, 2022
17m Documentary 2022
Lisa Danker Kritzer, Foreclosed Home Movie, 2018
8m Documentary 2018
Annabelle Aventurin, The King is Not My Cousin, 2022
30m Documentary 2022

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