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Leo Castañeda, "Levels & Bosses: Camoflux Mangrove Biome", 2023

4m Video Art 2023

Leo Castañeda b. 1988, Cali, Colombia; lives in Miami

Levels & Bosses: Camoflux Mangrove Biome, 2023 HD videogame playthrough with sound, 6 min., 10 sec. Courtesy the Artist

Created using video game software Unreal Engine 5, Leo Castañeda’s Levels & Bosses: Camoflux Mangrove Biome advances 3D animation techniques through feedback loops of digital and analog tools combining paintings, photos and drawings with virtual reality sculpting and other experimental 3D modeling methods. Anticipating a cataclysmic event, a posthuman species known as the Camoflux build a teleporter using a range of mutualistic abilities to commune with living landscapes. These skin-shifting beings grow machine mangroves to harness kinetic energy from the water. Exploring how the language and structures of videogames intersect with the world at large, this work reimagines models of conflict and energy consumption through computer-animated biomes influenced by Latin American Abstraction, South Florida landscapes, and Anime mythologies.



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