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Eva Papamargariti, "Liminal Beings", 2019

9m Video Art 2019

Eva Papamargariti b. 1987, Larissa, Greece; lives in Athens and London

Liminal Beings, 2019 Three-channel color video with sound, 8 min., 22 sec. Courtesy the Artist

Automata, since ancient times, have been standing on the verge of two states, developing machinic and human characteristics simultaneously. _Liminal Beings _explores the concept of automaton, and the way that different anthropomorphic forms and functions are embedded within. They are trained to execute and learn respective actions and procedures, thus creating an uncanny, awkward state, trapped in limbo between diverse conditions of existence. Eva Papamargariti delves into issues and themes related to simultaneity, the merging and dissolving of our surroundings with the virtual, the constant diffusion of fabricated synthetic images that define and fragment our identity and everyday experience.



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