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Third Horizon Presents: Cinema from the Caribbean and its Diaspora

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Third Horizon is a Caribbean film collective headquartered in Miami, Florida. Since 2016 it has hosted the Third Horizon Film Festival, an annual celebration of formally radical and politically aware cinema from the Caribbean, its Diaspora, and other spaces of the Global South. Third Horizon also makes films that center the stories of the Caribbean and its ever-expanding Diaspora.

Third Horizon Film Festival’s program for PAMMTV features documentary, fiction and hybrid shorts celebrating formally radical and politically focused cinema from the Caribbean and its Diaspora. Spanning Cuba, Antigua, the Dominican Republic, and beyond, featured artists include Miryam Charles, Dalissa Montes de Oca, Everlane Moraes, Amir Aether Valen, and Shabier Kirchner.

Selected Artworks

14m Documentary 2018
21m Fiction 2019
22m Documentary 2021
Song for the New World
9m Fiction 2021
The Whisper of the Leaves
16m Documentary 2021

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